What people say about GYROTONIC® training:

The most impressive outcome of applying the GYROTONIC® method is how the slow & gentle movement of arms & legs using the equipment lead to better mobility

For those with mobility issues, it is a very good method to help regain flexibility and mobility in a relatively short amount of time

A.D. 74 years old, retired

It was very helpful and after a few sessions my daily activities feel a lot easier to do and some pain goes away

N.G. 14 years old, student

The stiffness in my neck and shoulders was reduced significantly. It is simple, yet very effective
I recommend to give it a try.

N.G. 31 years old, banking

The most impressive thing to me was how my spine started to look more straight and feel more flexible. My posture is changing with every session to a better and stronger one. My GYROTONIC® experience is definitely unique in the way my body is responding to the exercises. I have never felt more flexible and elongated as I do now and my muscles are getting stronger. Obviously, I am on the right path to develop a good posture.

R.Y. 38 years old, payroll administrator 

Это очень полезная для осанки и дыхательной системы методика. Даже после 5 занятий, я почувствовала изменения в общем состоянии – нормализовался сон, улучшилась осанка.
Занятия по этой методике необходимы абсолютно всем, независимо от состояния здоровья

G.A. 54 years old, accounting


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