GYROTONIC® training is an experience that enhances energy flow through movement. The exercises allow the joints to move through a natural range of motion without jarring or compression. Using a specialized machine, unique movements are performed in carefully crafted sequences of exercises to improve balance, efficiency, strength and flexibility.


“Based on my experience with clients, when you are more aware of your body, everyday activities become easier. By leaning on the GYROTONIC® Method, we can take the body beyond its perceived limitations.”Nataliya Botova, Certified GYROTONIC® Practitioner

“I use very specific movements on the GYROTONIC® machine that help me to advance treatment during late stages of rehabilitation. GYROKINESIS® class is the perfect setting for lovers of the GYROTONIC® system to move together.” Valerie Rolf von den Baumen, GYROKINESIS® Practitioner.

The Move Studio offers GYROKINESIS® classes so that you can experience the GYROTONIC® Method in a group setting.

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The resistance of natural gravitational forces working between
flexion and extension of the spine helps to improve posture and
promote a balanced body.


The coordination of diaphragmatic breathing with each
movement synchronizes synergistic work between motions to
help rejuvenate and revitalize energy. Inhaling and exhaling
happens in an easy manner without pause or tension.

Joints/Spine Column:

The equal distribution of forces through each joint and vertebrae
decreases stress on the body and leads to a greater range of
motion and better energy expenditure.

Everyday/Sports Movements:

The body structure and anatomy requires circular and spiraling
patterns of motion on a daily basis. Training the body to
function in this way helps to improve the majority of everyday
movement in life and sports.


The active control of engaged muscles increases their flexibility,
encouraging safe opening of the joints, which helps to prevent

Core Strength:

The integration of core muscles provides a great base for
functional, fluid movements and takes the body to the next level
of well-being.

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